Rack-A-Tiers Wire Connector Installation Tool

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original_spinner-tool_smI have something to confess. Only this afternoon, I “judged a book by its cover,” and do you know what? I was wrong. I’ll admit it. What was the so-called “book” that I misjudged? The Rack-A-Tiers Wire Connector Tool. And how, pray tell, did I go astray? I saw it, and automatically thought to myself: “that’s the laziest thing I’ve ever seen!” But now I see the err of my ways…

Here’s how it all started: I know how wire nuts work. I’ve used them. It’s not rocket science, and when all is said and done, you’re not exactly physically wrung out when the job is complete. So what self-respecting wire splicer would use something to make it even easier? But then, a little voice in my head shamed me by saying “What do you know, kid? You’re no electrician! You’re just an electrical newb!!!” And as it is in many cases, the voice was right. I had received my come-uppance. Who am I to judge, when I don’t spend 40+ hours a week winding wires together?

As soon as I came crashing off my high horse, I started thinking about things from the professional electrician’s perspective (i.e. the correct perspective), and immediately started appreciating this tool for what it is and how it works. Gripping and twisting wire connectors isn’t too strenuous when you only have a few to get through, but if you have to knock out a bunch, day after day, your wrist and fingers are eventually going to start complaining. And you can’t have that.

So, you’re probably wondering how it all works. It’s easy – the tool just slips over a wire connector, and you spin the handle around a couple of turns. Then you’re officially in business. This is a great fatigue-reliever because there’s no tight gripping or wrist twisting involved, and the best part of not getting tired is that you can work for longer, and get more done. But that’s not even the best part. My favorite feature of this wire connector tool is that you don’t have to twist the wires together ahead of time, before you can screw on a wire nut. Just hold the stripped wire ends together, and you’re automatically good to go!

This product has been discontinued.

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  1. Murray Mosher on Wed, 17th Feb 2010 10:31 am
  2. Been a journeyman electrician for 38 years now.I dont own a rack-a-tiers nut spinner yet . I think it has to be one of the cooles things Ive seen in a long time.I’ll be telling all my brother & sister electricians about this tool.

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