Coleman Polar/Solar Coiled Extension Cords

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coiled-extension-cordIn my book, it can’t get much better than fun stuff that’s actually useful, too. Take, for example, the Coilex™ Polar/Solar® coiled extension cord from Coleman Cable. Part Slinky, part power extension, and totally sweet. Actually, it looks a lot like spiral-wound cord that used to hang from your old kitchen phone, except that it does more than give you something to twirl your fingers through while you gossip about the shenanigans that went down in Study Hall. This thing is good. As a matter of fact, it just might be the world’s most space-efficient extension cord yet.

As anyone with curly hair knows, when things are coiled up, there can be a lot more there than meets the eye. Pull on the end of a two-inch long curly lock, and it suddenly turns to six inches. That’s the power of the spiral. Luckily, someone got the bright idea to apply the same concept to extension cords, so now, instead of tripping through foot-grabbing piles of extension cord slack, you can just, well… get down to business. Polar/Solar® coiled cables stretch to exactly the length you need, and no further, so you won’t have the extra cable cluttering up your floor or workbench. Ahhhhh… it’s always nice to be able to tackle a project without constantly batting power cords out of the way.

Unlike the Slinky, phone cord and curly hair that I mentioned before, the Polar/Solar® extension cord is designed to never tangle or bend – a feature that protects the inner electrical conductor to preserve the cord’s integrity. And it’s tough, too - the outer jacket is resistant to flame, water, oil and abrasion, so this is one item that you won’t have to baby.

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