Pelican 9500 Shelter Lighting System

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pelican-field-light-militaryBeing that I’m a non-camping civilian who doesn’t even own a pair of night-vision goggles, it’s kind of funny that I’m so fascinated by today’s featured product – but how could I not be? The whole idea of a lighting system that can both illuminate field shelters and crank out a red LED glow that’s safe for night-vision maneuvers appeals to that deep-down, Special Ops wannabe place that’s inside each and every one of us. Meet Pelican’s™ 9500 Shelter Lighting System.

Made up of 3 lamp modules that can be used alone or connected and hung along a tent’s ceiling, the 9500 is all about providing diffuse and even light. Its LED beams spread outward at a 210° angle and stay steady, without the annoying strobe and dimming effects that fluorescent lights can subject you to. And being that LEDs are noiseless, the 9500 Lighting System is also incredibly safe, with no electric hum to draw attention to your field shelter. When darkness falls, the system can be switched over to night vision-friendly red LED light for security.

Another great feature of this field lighting system is its longevity – because LEDs have a standard lifespan of around 50,000 hours, there aren’t any bulb changes involved, and that means that there’s no need to carry along fragile replacement bulbs. After all, the less you have to pack and transport, the better. And talk about tough: the 9500 can drop up to 3 meters onto solid concrete, and still keep on ticking.

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