Decorative Snowman Power Strip Cover

December 16, 2009 by
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snowmen-power-strip-coverIt’s the second day of our Countdown to Christmas, and even though the main event is only 9 days away, I still have decorating on the brain. Sure, the tree’s been up since Thanksgiving weekend and my office Christmas lights for only a few days less than that, but I can’t seem to resist the red, green and shiny baubles and boughs anytime I’m walking through Target, the craft store, or even the supermarket, where I just caved in and bought a pair of glittery red taper candles. Yeah. I’m normally committed to elegance and tastefulness, but this is the time of year to throw sensible decor out the window and go for what makes you smile, giggle, or turn into a starry-eyed kid again. That said, I’m seriously thinking about acquiring a decorative power strip cover that’s festooned in snowmen.

You heard me. Why not? Like I want to look at a stark, drab power strip laying under the Christmas tree. So I’m thinking about disguising/snazzing things up with a cute little facade that features 5 jolly snowman buddies who look like they’re having some good old-fashioned, lighthearted holiday fun. This decorative power strip cover comes in two pieces that snap together, forming a power strip-sized shelf that’s camouflaged by a very festive front panel. As I mentioned, it’s perfect under the Christmas tree, but also works great anywhere else you may need to plug in light strands, like on the sills of decorated windows. And when the holidays are over, just unsnap the two parts and store them flat in an ornament box until next year.


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