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electricians-screw-kitI’ve never really thought about it much before now, but electricians must go through an awful lot of screws. You always think about electrical supplies in terms of receptacles, outlet boxes, faceplates, switches, and all of those other things that we interact with in our homes on a daily basis. But the fact of the matter is, they’d all just be littering the ground and doing absolutely nothing useful if they weren’t held in place by screws.

This electrical supply epiphany was brought to me courtesy of Gardner Bender, when I recently took a gander at their Electrician’s Screw Kits. A box of screws may not sound like anything special, but these are actually really helpful from the electrician’s standpoint, or so I would imagine.

The first great thing about the screw kits is that they contain all of the most commonly-used electrical screws out there, so you always have the essentials on hand when the need arises. Second, everything comes packed in a neat, compartmentalized box that you can drop right into a tool box or bag. I really like that because the alternative always drives me crazy – ever bought small pieces of hardware that come in blister packs or sealed plastic bags? As soon as you separate the blister from the cardboard backing or poke a hole through the plastic, the game is up. Unless you plan on using every piece, which is never the case, you have a storage nightmare on your hands – parts inevitably fall out of their compromised packages and end up rolling around in the bottom of a junk drawer or tool box. I mean, you might as well just throw them away. Happily, there’s no such frustration with these well-thought-out kits.

And then there’s my favorite feature: the pre-painted screws that come in colors to match your wall plates. Nothing fancy – I just get a kick out of them because I like little details like that. They come in white, ivory, and almond, so unless you’ve gone custom-order on those wall plates and have a color that defies the confines of everyday neutrals, you’ll have ready-matched screws on hand for just about any basic faceplate replacement.

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