Liquid Electrical Tape

December 2, 2009 by
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liquid electrical tape applicationLate-breaking hot product news flash! I wasn’t planning on blogging today, but a new product came across my desk just a little while ago, and seeing as how its coolness is undeniable, I thought I’d put it right out there. Ever heard of Liquid Electrical Tape?

Gardner Bender’s liquid electrical tape is exactly what it sounds like: a liquid compound that’s applied to wires, and then dries/cures into a flexible, insulative seal that looks and feels remarkably like, well… electrical tape. If you’re wondering what the whole application process involves, there’s not much to tell (but that’s a good thing). Liquid electrical tape comes in the kind of jar that reminds you of the rubber cement you used in elementary school art class. You know, the kind with a screw-on lid that has a built-in brush. Just untwist the cap, and brush that stuff right onto the wire or component in need of insulation. Happily, one rubber cement characteristic that liquid tape does not share is that classic (ahem) ummmm…. snotty (?) consistency (please pardon the indelicacy). Just trying to paint a complete picture.

But I digress. The important thing here is that liquid electrical tape goes on easily and then proceeds to dry really quickly, so you won’t have to do much waiting around before you can finish your project. And if you’re wondering why on earth someone would want to buy a jar of electrical tape when they already have a couple of perfectly good rolls of it in their miscellaneous fix-it drawer, here’s your answer: it’s great for coating awkward shapes that wouldn’t readily take to being wrapped in tape. It’s even good for outdoor use.


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