Firefly LED Illuminated Cable Protector

November 30, 2009 by
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firefly-mainThanksgiving is over, Christmas fast approaches, and everywhere you turn, you’ll see red, green, and twinkling lights. It’s a wreath! It’s a Christmas tree! It’s a… Firefly® Cord Protector??? Yes, that’s right – while adjectives like “red,” “green,” and “twinkly” usually bring to mind objects of Yuletide cheer (to most normal people, at least), we Cord Covering Nerds at hear those three descriptors in combination and tend to think of one of our newest cable protectors: the aforementioned Firefly®.

Now, before I start babbling on about its attributes, let me set one thing straight: the Firefly, despite its red and green and lights, is nowhere near as pretty as the wreath or Christmas tree that I just mentioned – or even the insect that it’s named after, for that matter. But you can take comfort in the fact that its looks are intentionally quirky, and for one of the best reasons out there: safety.

I should probably explain. Firefly® Illuminated Cable Protectors are designed for low-light environments, where a run-of-the-mill cord cover just wouldn’t be easy enough to see. That neon-green cover? Sure, it’s not a color that many of us would normally gravitate toward, but it turns out that green is the most visible color to the human eye, so that makes it a great pick. And those animated red LEDs? They just scream “look at me” – and that’s the point. After all, you’re trying to keep people from tripping in clubs, concert venues, and other dark places where a trip-and-fall accident would completely wreck an otherwise good time.

But Fireflies aren’t just good for warning pedestrian traffic of they’re presence – they’re also great at catching the eyes of drivers who need to maneuver their vehicles over them. That’s a really nice feature, considering that it’s not too pleasant, or safe, to unwittingly charge a cable protector at high speed (buckle your seat belt). A visible warning and adequate time to slow down are definitely nice things to have.


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