The Stevie Awards

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marriott-marquis-viewI know it isn’t my usual bag, but today I’m going to shake things up a bit and talk about a recent experience rather than a product.  Did you know that is a woman-owned business? On Friday, November 13th, our President and CEO, Valerie Holstein, was up for a Stevie Award for Women in Business (for Best Entrepreneur), and since she wasn’t able to travel to the awards ceremony, I got to go to Manhattan in her place. Not too shabby.

Both the Stevie Awards ceremony and accommodations were at the justifiably-famous Marriott Marquis, just off of Times Square. I remember the first time I stepped in there as a kid, during an NYC outing with my Dad (I grew up about an hour away). We rode the glass elevators for a few minutes (popping ears!) and then went on our merry way, but the place was so unlike any hotel I had ever seen that I never forgot it. Fast-forward 20 years, and I finally got to check in for an actual stay. I have to say, Times Square itself seemed gaudier and more grotesque than ever, but it’s pretty sweet to stand in a silent, well-appointed hotel room looking down at the theater district from 37 floors up. Well done, Marriott Marquis. Well done indeed!

Being that I was attending the dinner stag (can you say that if you’re a woman?), I was a little nervous about striking up conversation with my mystery dinner companions, but needn’t have been at all. I end up sitting between a very friendly PR rep for Cargo Cosmetics (with whom I enjoyed lighthearted chatter about makeup, sushi joints, and our mutual annoyance with poor e-mail grammar), and a very lovely and comfortable-to-converse-with couple, Susan and Scott,  who were not only the heroic parents of 5-year-old triplets, but also in high hopes of Susan walking away with a much-deserved Blog of the Year award. At the end of the night, neither Susan nor I got to take the stage and accept a Stevie Award in our respective categories, but I did find out that not only were she and her husband based in Florida (like CableOrganizer), but that Scott had actually formerly been in IT, and had blogged about what a terrific source was for network equipment. That’s still a win in a my book, and just goes to show that even in the Big Apple, it’s still a small world after all.


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