Cord Caddy Medical Cord Organizer

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cordcaddy-medical-cord-smlI can’t believe I’m doing this. Me, the chick who swoons when she hears words like “vein” and “needle”, and runs screaming from the room Macauley-Culkin-in-Home-Alone-style when her friends and family decide to go TMI and start swapping surgery horror stories. Today, I’m tackling the medical world. Yikes.

We’ve talked about home cable management, office cable management, and special event cable management – but today, we’re going to the hospital. You heard me. They may smell funny and weird me out, but on the serious side, hospitals are chock-full of critical cables and hoses that need to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. There’s no time to waste when a medical emergency arises, so monitor leads, hoses, and other cords need be in order – when someone’s life is on the line, doctors and nurses shouldn’t have to stop to untangle equipment first.

That’s why the Cord Caddy™ Medical Cord Organizer has been such a hit with healthcare professionals. Their jobs are stressful enough without having to wrestle with disorganized equipment carts. The Cord Caddy™ mounts right onto medical stands, IV poles, wall brackets and other fixtures to manage cables right at their sources.

In addition to the general neatness and time-saving factors, there are also the matters of infection control and money savings. The Cord Caddy™ is instrumental in keeping hoses and cables off the floor, which not only prevents them from being dragged through who knows what kind of bacteria, but also keeps them from being trampled underfoot during procedures. I’ve read testimonials from hospital department heads, raving about how much money the Cord Caddy™ shaved from their annual cable replacement expenditures. So think about the Cord Caddy™, medical professionals. It’s one worthwhile investment – for you, for your employees, and for your patients.


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