UPM Outdoor Programmable Timer

upm-outdoor-timerAutumn is here, Halloween’s right around the corner, and now that the Sun is coming up later and setting a little earlier every day, I’ve been thinking that this is the time of year when an outdoor timer could really be appreciated. A lot of people have outdoor lights that are set to timers, but during the Fall and Spring, when daylight hours can drastically shorten and lengthen, it can be tough to synchronize your outdoor lighting with ever-shifting sunrises and sunsets. Instead of having to constantly recalculate and reset things for yourself, how about letting a photosensitive timer take care of things for you?

UPM’s Outdoor Programmable Timer makes timed lighting a no-brainer because it’s equipped with a built-in photocell that detects ambient light levels. When the photocell detects darkness falling, it automatically turns the lights on, and the next morning, it shuts things off when it senses that the Sun is putting out enough light for you to get around by. Sounds like a nice thing to have around, doesn’t it? You can always know that you’ll come home to a lit path, and if you’re one of those go-getter morning people who leave the house before it’s light out, you’ll still be able to see where you’re going.

This is not only great for those of us who tend to trip over ourselves in the dark, but it also helps you to be more aware of your surroundings in case the might be any uninvited guests lurking in the shadows. I don’t want to go on too much of a tangent or bring unpleasant things to mind, but I live in crazy South Florida, and simply put, things happen. I used to live in a neighborhood where a decent-sized feral cat would occasionally prowl during the night, and lately I’ve been reading newspaper stories about people being robbed near their front doors as they’ve gotten home from work late or left very early in the morning. I used to leave the house before 5am, so needless to say, I appreciate the extra measure of security that mere light can bring. A timer like this just makes that easier.

And back to business – I’m just going to tell you one more thing. I’ve been focusing on the photocell aspect of this timer, but I should mention that it also has a time dial for manual settings and overrides, so that gives you a little more flexibility for more fun things… like Christmas lights.

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