Chromalox Thermwire® Pipe Wrap

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thermwireIt’s 5:37am, and 15°F outside. You hit your alarm many minutes ago, and it’s taken you this long to talk yourself into braving the inrush of cold air that comes every morning when you break the seal of those toasty blankets. You set a tentative foot on the icy floor, and tell yourself “You can do this! Just run to the bathroom, get a hot shower running, and everything will be okay!” But when you get there and turn the faucet, nothing. It turns out that all the warm water and steam that were supposed to come billowing out of the showerhead turned into a solid chunk of ice somewhere along the way. Frozen pipes suck.

Guess you should have had some Chromalox Thermwire® Wrap! Sound interesting? It is, especially if your plumbing is located in the Northern climes, where plunging temperatures have a way of stopping water in its tracks – especially when it’s in your pipes. Thermwire® is a pipe wrap that not only insulates your water lines, but also keeps them warm with two built-in heating wires. Rated for both residential and commercial properties, Thermwire® is a lifesaver for homeowners, landlords, and business owners alike, because it elimnates the need to run frantically to the rescue with hair dryer in hand. The water shall flow, whatever the weather.

And about the “whatever the weather” thing I just mentioned – Thermwire® wrap is self-regulating, so temperature fluctuations aren’t a problem. When the ambient air temperature increases, Thermwire® eases up on things. When the air temp takes a dive, Thermwire works a little harder. The important thing is, you don’t have to worry about adjustments.

Thermwire® pipe sleeving works on both metal and plastic pipes, and is UL-listed and CSA Approved.


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