Belkin In-Desk iPod® Dock

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desk-pod-animatedWhen you think about it, iPods® are kind of like our little buddies. They make us happy. They keep us company while we’re working out, chilling out, or stepping out to have some fun. Is there any other companion out there that shows us such a good time, yet requires so little in return? Kind of makes you wish that you treated yours a little better, doesn’t it?

The next time you tote your iPod® to work, instead of just tossing it haphazardly onto your desktop, show it some respect by seating it comfortably in an In-Desk iPod® Dock from Belkin. This compact docking station essentially becomes built into you work surface, because it installs right into a pre-existing, or specially made, 3″ grommet hole (the kind you run cables through). Once it’s in place, the dock sits just about flush with your desk’s surface, so it’s not like you’ll have some weird electronic appendage growing out of your desktop – it’s actually quite polite and unobtrusive.

After the iPod® dock has been installed into the grommet hole, all you need to do is run the included USB cable between your computer and the underside of the dock, and then pop your iPod into its rightful seat of honor. Just don’t forget to glance over and smile at it once in a while.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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