Watts Up? .Net Watt Meter

wattsup-net-mainThese days, it seems like power usage meters for home and office are popping up everywhere. And why shouldn’t they be? Not only are they green (they tell you how much electricity different electrial appliances consume while running), they’re also big money-savers (they help you make smart utility-bill-reducing decisions on which power-guzzlers to get rid of or use less). The only catch is that you have to actually be present to use them. That’s fine for an average home-bodyish chick like me, but what about the environmentally-conscious jet-setters out there? How do they keep tabs on how much energy their homes and businesses are using, and more importantly, how much that power consumption is costing them?

I just found out. They use the Watts UP? .Net Electricity Watt Meter. While it works just like the other power usage meters out there (you plug it into a wall outlet, then plug an appliance into the meter, and the meter tells you how much power the device consumes), it has an extra high-tech feature that lets you control it and get readings even when you’re far, far away: a built-in web server. Whether you’re down the road or overseas, you can access your power usage data, and even switch the device attached to the .Net on and off, all via the Internet.

The Watts Up? .Net is compatible with any device that’s between 100 and 250VAC, and has a non-volatile built-in memory that can store up to 8,000 records for long-term tracking.

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