Lutron® Claro™ Designer Wall Plates

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wallplates_smHow do you know when you watch waaaaaaay too much HGTV? When you start coveting snazzy wall plates with which to frame your home’s every light switch. And, just to clarify, when I say “you” and “your,” I really mean “me” and “mine”. Yes, that’s right – all of those hours of taking in the on-air interior design prowess of Candice Olson, Vern Yip, and Angelo Surmelis have taken their toll, and lately I’ve found that I have to keep going back for yet another look at Lutron’s® Claro™ designer wall plates.

Alas, I’m a mere renter, and have yet to procure a house of my own, on which to inflict my personal sense of style. But in the meantime, I can dream – and tell all of you homeowners with an eye for detail why I like these things so much. To begin with, they’re sleek and simple – they have a way of really playing up a room and making it look finished, without actually calling attention to themselves. And they have no visible hardware, which gives them a refreshingly clean and smooth surface. But the real kicker for me are the colors they come in – there are the standard-issue neutrals (like white, ivory, and almond) for the non-risk-takers and those who prefer soothing palettes, or, if you’re feeling a little bolder (like me) you can go with glossy-finished black, brown, or gray. Personally, my eyes have been riveted to the brown wall plates – gorgeous.

Another great thing about Claro™ wall plates is that they’re really affordable, so you don’t have to spend a lot to add some polish to a tired room. And you can even install them yourself - perfect for a weekend project, and you won’t even have to hire someone to take care of it for you.

Claro™ wall plates are available in configurations that range from 1 to 6 gangs (openings), and are compatible with Lutron® Maestro, Diva, and Skylark dimmers and switches, as well as other manufacturers’ designer-series switches and controls.

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