Black Box Professional Technician’s Kit

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black-box-prof-tech-kit-smTalk about having an arsenal on your hip. No, I’m not talking about firearms or any other family of weapons. I’m talking about cable installation tools – just about every major type you could need, all packed into a compact holster that you can clip right onto your belt. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no pro cable installer, but I have learned quite a few basic cable terminations, and in doing so, used all of the required tools firsthand. And just from my hands-on experience in class, sitting at a table, I can imagine that searching for, and then juggling, tools in the field can get pretty annoying. That’s why, today, I’m turning the spotlight onto the Black Box Professional Technician’s Kit.

I love smart kits like this. All too often, combination-type items (everything from compilation CDs to candy mixes) seem to fall short on the things you really want, but load you up with other products you could do without. But with the Professional Technician’s case, that isn’t even an issue. It’s got everything that you need, and nothing you don’t. Enough said.

Included in the kit are must-haves like a punchdown tool, a reversible Type 110/66 puchdown blade, a combination cutter/stripper for UTP and STP cables, utility scissors, a mini flashlight (AA batteries included), a multi-use spudger, and even a Sharpie marker – all packed into a molded PVC holster that holds it all in place, and perches securely on your belt. You just pull out the tool you need, when you need it, and put it back in its place when you’re done, so it’s ready to go for next time. Nice.

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