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arlington-recessed-electrical-boxEver plug in an appliance that you wanted to place right against the wall, only to have your plans foiled by how far the plug ended up sticking out from the receptacle? Sigh. More flat screen TV, coffee maker, and microwave placements have been wrecked from Jutting Plug Syndrome than I, personally, care to think about. But do you know what soothes my rattled interior design-conscious psyche? The fact that everything can be set right with a recessed electrical box from Arlington Industries.

Arlington’s recessed electrical boxes are just like run-of-the-mill power outlets, except for one special feature: they’re actually set back into your wall, instead of leaving outlets flush with the wall’s surface. This one seemingly-minor detail makes a world of difference, because when you plug into a recessed outlet, you’ll find that instead of protruding impolitely from the wall, plugs are almost entirely hidden away inside the depression (let me clarify: good depression) created by the wall box. When plugs are below surface level, you’re left with complete freedom to, well, put whatever you want in front of them. Flat screens can actually lay flat, as nature intended, and you can push kitchen appliances (remember the microwave and coffee pot I mentioned earlier?) all the way against the wall to save on counter space. Furniture placement suddenly gets a lot easier, too.

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