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wiremold-1400Today, we’re getting back to basics with Wiremold Cord Protectors. Not only are these a customer favorite, they’re also some of the simplest products we have for protecting cables around the house or at the office. If you’ve never used light-duty cord covers, they’re the perfect way to guard cables that run across walkways. The combination of cords and pedestrians can be a dangerous one, because your cables can be crushed beyond use if they’re trampled on too much, and also threaten to snag the feet of people who aren’t watching where they’re going. These flat-lying cord covers are made of flexible plastic, and are designed with an arched top that makes them easy to walk or pull an office chair (or small cart) over.

Using a Wiremold cord protector is incredibly easy – the flat bottom surface is slit all the way along it’s length, so you just slip cables through the center slit, turn the cord cover right side up, and lay it on the floor in any direction you need it to go in. If you really want the cord protector to get a good grip on the floor, you can apply double-sided tape along the bottom edges to help it stay in place.

Because no two cable-protecting jobs are exactly the same, you have a choice of lengths, so you’re covered in just about any situation. Wiremold cord covers come in 5, 10, 25, and 50-foot lengths, and can be further trimmed to size using just a utility knife or heavy duty scissors. You also have 3 neutral color choices (beige, black, and grey) to match just about any decor, or, if you want your cord covers to really stand out for safety, you also have the option of high-visibilty yellow.

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