SHARKSAW RockEater® and Compass Saws

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rockeater-compass-saws-smWhether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, if you’re in the habit of working with sheetrock, you have to check out today’s featured products: the RockEater® and Compass saws by Sharksaw. These things are designed to rip right through a variety of different materials – in addition to both saws cutting through sheetrock/drywall, the RockEater® can also tackle cement board, and the Compass Saw has the power to handle wall paneling, plywood, and even desk and table tops.

Equipped with pointed tips, the blades of both these saws are built to punch right into the material you’re cutting, so getting a cut started is really easy. Both types of saw have chrome-plated, electrically hardened blades in common, but their respective blade designs are also what differentiate them from one another. The RockEater® has a thicker, wider blade that makes it perfect for cutting sheetrock to size, or cutting out sections for outlet boxes or pipe repairs. On the other hand, the Compass Saw has a narrower blade that can be easily maneuvered through more detailed operations, like making curved or circular cutouts in wood and furniture.

Both tools sport industrial-stength handles that have molded-in fingerholds, which let you get a firm, comfortable, and non-slip grip while sawing.

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