Weldy Plus Heat Gun

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weldy-plusThere was a time when I only equated heat guns with heat shrink tubing and shrink wrap. Sigh. How sad and narrow-minded I was. But this limited thinking can be excused – until recently, the only heat guns I had used were the lighter-weight arts-and-crafts versions, which only have so much power. Not the kind of tools you’d use for anything remotely heavy duty. But then, the Weldy Plus heat gun came along, and I learned that there are so many more uses for heat tools (provided that they have enough power, which the Weldy Plus has plenty of).

While it still tackles lighter jobs like heat shrink and drying paint, it also has enough heat and muscle to strip stubborn varnish when you’re refinishing furniture, help with automotive repairs and customization (Dynamat installation, anyone?), and even thaw frozen pipes. Come to think of it, a heat gun probably would have come in handy during my growing-up years in Connecticut, when I’d hear my parents run frantically down to the basement on really cold mornings and try to thaw out frozen pipes with a hair dryer. Oh, Weldy Plus, where have you been all my life?

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little too dramatic here, but this really is a great heat gun. Perfect for pros – it has a temp range that goes from 180°F to 1200°F, and its overall weight is ergonomically balanced to prevent wrist strain during heavy use. There’s a standby power setting so you don’t waste electricity, and you can even adjust airflow strength according to what type of project you’re working on.

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