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earpod-open-smI know we just talked about earbud cord management a few weeks ago, but it’s a pretty hot topic among iPod fans, so I figured you might like to hear about another cool MP3-related cord organizer that’s out there. Meet the aptly-named earPod, a neat little cord winder/earbud case that’s specially designed for those of us who tend to toss our iPods into purses or backpacks when we’re not using them.

Now, you may have seen the earbud cord winders that are more for use while you’re actually listening to your iPod – they keep cords at exactly the length you want them so, so you don’t get tangled up in your earphone wires while you’re dancing around (admit it). But like I mentioned a minute ago, the earPod is more about storage, because we all know that earbuds get bored when you’re not using them, and amuse themselves by tying their own cords in knots when you’re not looking. I know this for a fact. But I digress.

The earPod is essentially a small circular case that has a twist-open lid, and a groove that runs around its outer edge. Said groove is what you wrap your earbud cords around, and when you can’t wind anymore, you just flip the lid aside, and nestle the earpieces into the felt-lined secret compartment. Close the lid up, and you’re left with a tidy, almost puck-shaped package, and more importantly, tangle-free and well protected earbuds. And just in case you’re not the toss-it-in-a-bag type, the earPod is equipped with a clip that lets you slide it right onto a pocket or belt loop for easy access.

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