The Core Cord Organizer

July 7, 2009 by
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core-cord-organizer-smCan you ever really enjoy your iPod listening experience when you constantly feel like you’re getting tangled up in your earbud cords? No matter how many times you may bat them away, they just keep coming back to bug you, and have a way of twisting up the more you try to move them around. Plenty of MP3 player owners have little gadgets to wind up earphone cords when they’re off duty, but did you know that you can actually manage those wires while they’re in use?

Meet the Core Cord Organizer, an ultra-compact and practically weighless cable winder that is so unobtrusive, you can leave them dangling from your earbuds even when you’re rocking out to your playlist. Because it has an apple core shape (hence the name) and doesn’t need to be opened and closed to wind and unwind cables, the Core is perfect for those times when you need to frequently readjust the length of your cords – just wrap the wire around the Core until it’s the right length, then lock it in place by popping the wire’s ends into the channels on either end of the Core.

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