Flat Box™ Low Voltage Surface Mount Box

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flatbox-raceway-outlet-boxAny electrician or network technician who’s dealt with surface raceway has probably installed a surface-mount junction box or two in their time. After all, you need outlets, right? While junction boxes themselves don’t pose a problem, if you need to use them in large quantities, they can be a hassle to store in your facility and transport to different jobsites. Outlet boxes in and of themselves are relatively inexpensive components, but when you purchase them in bulk, you can often end up paying a lot extra for shipping just because they take a lot of space. Seeing that they’re just little empty boxes, it seems pretty futile to be shelling out to house and transport packages that are largely filled with air. But thankfully, now there’s a better way.

Meet the Flat Box™, a low voltage surface-mount junction box that actually ships flat, so it takes up hardly any space. You just snap it together when you need it (a process that only takes a few seconds), and you’re ready to go. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about how sturdy a snap-together outlet box could be, but I was pleasantly shocked – once assembled, the whole thing was very solid. There’s absolutely no trade-off of convenience for stability.

The Flat Box™ also comes with pre-threaded screw holes, so you can quickly and easily install inserts and wall plates into it. And there’s also the very convenient fact that the whole thing can be painted with latex paint to match the rest of your room.
Flat Box™ also comes with scored knockouts for three different raceway sizes, as well as a single knockout for 1″ conduit – just punch out the opening you need, and leave the rest in place.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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