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turbo-tapeThere’s no doubt about it: we’ve all been brainwashed to think of Duct Tape as the Great American Fix-All. And to be quite honest, it is. But what about those times when repairs need to be unquestionably watertight, when you want to wrap something up in tape without the chance of someone ever peeling it off? If that situation sounds familiar, I recommend that you free your mind, break away from the Duct Tape cult, and give Turbo Tape® a try instead.

Made of a silicone and rubber compund, Turbo Tape® looks a lot like a big roll of black electrical tape, but it’s very different. While most tapes (as we know them, at least) are made up of fabric, vinyl, or plastic coated with an adhesive on one side, Turbo Tape® is self-bonding, which means that it fuses to itself without the help of adhesives or glues. When you wrap it around hoses, automotive components, or cables, Turbo Tape® creates a watertight seal that starts setting a few minutes after the tape is applied, and cures to a void-free, unbreakable bond within 24 hours. No peeling apart here.

In addition to being water-tight, Turbo Tape® is electrically insulating, and can protect you from electrical shock up to 400 volts. It’s great for protecting components from the wearing and loosening effects of vibration, and can even be used in extreme temperatures (-76°F to 500°F) without expanding, contracting, or cracking.

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