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ez-cut-smWhen you need to install a new power outlet or light switch, one of the first things you need to do is cut a hole in your drywall so you can install a junction box. Now, you’d think it would be easy to just break out a utility knife and cut a little rectangular piece out of the wall, but you’d be amazed at how many people mess this simple task up. Either the holes are cut too large, so that visible gaps can be seen around the receptacles, or the boxes can be installed crooked, which also leaves you with an awkward-looking end result.

One of the main reasons why so many bad drywall cuts are made is because most people just eyeball the whole thing – after all, most of us only have 2 hands, and it can be awkward trying to juggle a tape measure, pencil, utility knife and level. Unfortunately, taking the easy route usually carries a high rate of human error, and that’s why you see so many sloppily-installed light switches out there. But what would you say if I told you that you could still take the easy route, but make a perfect junction box hole every time?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve giving away your firstborn or paying 12 easy installments of just $19.95. Actually, it a one-shot deal that lasts you forever (as long as you don’t lose it) and will only set you back about $13. Meet the EZ-Cut™ Template and Level from LSDI.

This ingenious little invention is pretty much any electrician’s dream sidekick, and it’s kind of hard to believe that someone didn’t think of this sooner. The EZ-Cut™ template gives you a guide to cut around, so your drywall cuts will be just the right size every time, and since there’s even a built-in level, they’ll have the added benefit of actually being straight, too. No more juggling multiple tools for what should be a simple task – just hold the template/level against the wall with one hand, and cut around it with the other. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re installing a single or dual-gang (read: standard or double-wide) wall box – this little gadget has you covered for both sizes.

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