Bashlin PPE Lineworker’s Rubber Gloves

June 11, 2009 by
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natural-rubber-gloveWhen it comes to working on high voltage lines, heavy duty rubber gloves are one of the most important types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) you can use to prevent shock, electrocution, and burns. With the power to insulate your hands and forearms from deadly electrical current, dielectric rubber gloves can be the difference between life and death if you should come into contact with live electrical circuitry.

But in order to be fully effective, lineworker’s gloves need to be completely intact and free from damage – even a very small hole or tear can compromise a glove’s protective qualities. For this reason, it’s a must for electrical workers to routinely, and very carefully, inspect their rubber gloves for even the smallest signs of damage or deterioration. In the interest of making potentially dangerous flaws easier to notice, Salisbury has created Bashlin PPE Rubber Gloves, which, unlike many other protective gloves on the market, are made up of multiple layers of different colored rubber.

These multicolored layers make it easier for the eye to spot breaches in the electrically-insulating rubber – if there’s a hole in the outer yellow layer, the color below it shows through. Bashlin rubber gloves are made from natural latex, are “cement-dipped” for extra insulation and resistance to liquid permeation, and are available in different lengths and classes to fit different jobs.

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