Powerflor© Modular Raised Floor System

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powerflor-panel1Call centers, computer training facilities, IT labs and conference rooms are all environments that face challenges in the area of power and data distribution. Locations like these always have many computer workstations, which raises the need for a high number of power outlets and data ports. And while these can be provided without too much trouble at the time of construction, what do you do when you need to reconfigure a room for the 1st, 10th, or 20th time? Since it’s really not feasible to have an electrician and network technicians come in and relocate power and data connections every time you make a change (that would cost a fortune, and waste a ton of time), an alternative is needed, but what’s out there? Try Powerflor©.

The Powerflor© raised flooring system is a pre-wired, plug-and-play modular floor that installs right on top of your existing floor, with absolutely no structural changes to your facility required. Made up of 18″ x 18″ x 3″ carpet-covered panels, Poweflor© can be configured with as many power outlets and data ports as you need, and the best part is that when you have to reconfigure the layout of a room, you can just switch out and move around the wired panels as needed, to ensure that each workstation has all the necessary connections, no matter where it’s located.

When Powerflor© is completely installed, it has the benefit of looking like any other carpeted floor, so no one will ever know the difference. To help with this illusion, Powerflor© panels are shipped with a Volara foam underlay, which prevents any lateral movements of the tiles, and helps to dampen noise within the room. Powerflor© is also remarkably strong – they can handle a uniform weight load of 10,000 lbs per sqare foot, and a rolling load of 600 lbs. And if you ever move to a new building, you don’t have to start all over again – just pick up your Powerflor© and take it with you.


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