Veto Pro Pac Closed-Top Tool Bag

May 26, 2009 by
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veto-pro-closed-bag-animationWhen was the last time that a tool bag stopped you in your tracks? The last, and, come to think of it, first time that happened to me, I was right here in my office at It was about a year ago, and I clearly remember breezing in the door, noticing a rugged (and terrific-looking) tool tote sitting on my coworker’s unmanned desk, and thinking “Wow – that’s awesome!!!!” The only thing that kept me from grabbing the bag off his desk and inspecting it more closely was the assumption that it was my coworker’s personal property, and the last-minute realization that that wouldn’t have been the polite thing to do. And so, I managed to get my curiosity under control until I could make some well-mannered inquiries about said awesome bag and its origins.

As it turns out, the tool tote was actually the Veto Pro Pac Closed-Top Tool Bag, and it didn’t actually belong to my coworker – it was a manufacturer’s sample, because (woo-hoo!) we were about to start selling it. On hearing that, my restraint lessened considerably, and checked the tool bag out in a more hands-on fashion.

The Vet Pro Pac is very unique in that it’s completely and perfectly rugged, functional, and (dare I say it?) manly, but also has the added bonus of an eye-catching design that has a tendency to turn heads. But no matter how great it looks, one can’t forget that the real magic is on the inside. When its covers are unzipped, the closed-top Veto Pro Pac reveals a patented interior center panel that’s lined with row upon row of pockets, each which allows you to store individual tools in a vertical position. If you’ve ever emptied a tool tote looking for one specific item, this is a definitely a feature you can appreciate. Everything in the Veto Pro Pac is laid out in such a way that every item can be seen, so you it won’t just save you time, it’ll also make your life a lot less frustrating.

The closed-top Veto Pro Pac has a waterproof polypropylene bottom, and its body is made of heavy-duty PVC-impregnated nylon (1800 denier) to provide great protection, even at jobsites with harsh conditions. And it’s also ergonomically designed, right down to the handle grips and extra-wide shoulder straps.



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