powersquid-homeWhen you hear the word “squid,” what do you think of? A tentacled creature drifting through the deep? A plate of delicious fried calamari? Or maybe SpongeBob Squarepants’ cranky neighbor in Bikini Bottom? Any of these word-associations would be right on the money, but let me tell you what I think of: home theater power. If you’re scratching you head and thinking “???????!!!!!,” allow me to explain – there’s an extremely cool, mollusk-like surge suppressor on the market, aptly named the PowerSquid® for its unique and unmistakably tentacled design.

And I guess that would beg another question: why on Earth would you want a surge protector that closely resembles one of the odder-looking sea creatures out there? The first, but less significant, reason is because the PowerSquid looks fun and different – it’s the kind of thing that you don’t run across every day. But far more importantly, it’s very practically designed, especially in terms of home theater setups that are chock full of equipment with bulky plugs and connectors.

If you’ve ever tried to plug multiple bulky adapters into a standard power strip, you probably found that it was impossible to make use of all the outlets because of the way those chunky plugs tend to invade the neighboring outlet’s space. In situations like this, you generally have to skip over the infringed-upon outlets, using just every other receptacle. It’s a real waste considering that you paid for all those outlets but are limited because of unimaginative product design. This is the part where tentacles come in handy. The PowerSquid’s® “arms” are actually short power extensions, each of which has an individual outlet at the end.

Since the tentacles can bend and move in any direction, they not only give each plug or adapter plenty of breathing room, but can be routed in the general direction of the device they need to power, so cords stay a lot more organized. And, of course, there’s the surge suppression factor – with a 3,240 Joule rating, the Home Theater Power Squid protects attached home electronics from destructive power surges . As a matter of fact, this PowerSquid® comes with a $500,000 connected equipment warranty to keep you covered.

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