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label-buddy-animatedOver the past few years, I’ve been exposed to some of the most high-tech label printers out there, but I have to confess that, despite my knowledge of the more expensive and complex label printers of the world, I still have a weakness for my Dymo® Label Buddy. It goes back to when I was a kid, and I got a turn-and-click style labeler as a stocking stuffer one Christmas. I don’t remember if it too was made by Dymo®, but I do remember that I could’t put the thing down, and ended up labeling everything in sight until I ran out of label tape. How could I not? It’s strange how entertaining it can be to turn that dial and spell out the names of even the most basic of objects, and how satisfying it can be to see your label emerging, one letter at a time, with each passing click.

I’m about to make myself sound really boring, but I’ll just come right out and say it – I spent last Friday night revisiting my childhood fascination with turn-and-click label makers. Back when I moved into my apartment (about 6 months ago), I had bought a Label Buddy to do some basic organizing around the new digs – you know, start off on the right foot. But even with the best of intentions, I got sidetracked and my Dymo® Label Buddy sat, still wrapped and untouched, in a storage cabinet until last weekend. I went rummaging for something else, but came up with my Label Buddy instead, and the discovery led to a late-night “let’s get this place into shape” tear. That mood doesn’t strike me often, especially not on Friday night, so I decided to run with it and make the most out of the situation.

So, I labeled my freshly-washed kitchen canisters and, just for fun, my husband (yeah, yeah, real mature). And do you know what? I had fun doing it. The Dymo® Label Buddy is incredibly easy to use. If you’ve never gotten your hands on a turn-and-click label maker, you really should try one. They’re the most basic kind out there: you just turn the dial to the letter or character you need, give the labeler a quick squeeze until it clicks, and watch your embossed label pop out one letter at a time. Label Buddies are a great option if you just need to make a few household labels every now and again, and are perfect for getting your kids to label school supplies and other belongings (they won’t know it’s not a toy). And best of all, there are no batteries involved – they run on sheer people power, so they’ll never run out of juice.

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