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notrax-cushion-lokOnce upon a time, before I landed this cushy desk job in which I just sit on my rear end, writing at a computer all day, I spent 6½ years working in the foodservice industry. If you’ve never experienced that line of work, let me tell you that while it’s far better exercise than your average office job, spending 8-10 hours a day on your feet can take a real toll on your knees and ankle joints. Although it’s always stressed that supportive shoes are key (and they are extremely important), they’re not always enough – sometimes you just need anti-stress floor mats.

While your mind may reason that a floor is a floor, your lower extremities will tell a completely different story. Try walking across different surfaces; you’ll find that carpet and wood flooring have a lot more “give” than concrete and tile floors, both of which are so hard and dense that they have a way of “pushing back” at your body, causing your joints to absorb all of the shock that’s generated from footsteps. Work environments like manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, restaurant kitchens and foodservice stations almost always have hard tile and concrete floors, and need to be treated with cushioned floor mats not only to increase workers’ comfort, but also to prevent long-term injuries and disability.

From line cooks and bartenders to machinists and assembly line workers, individuals who work on their feet need the protection of slip-resistant, anti-fatigue floor mats like the Cushion-Lok™ series by NOTRAX®. These solid PVC vinyl mats stand up to liquid and chemical spills while absorbing footfall impact and increasing traction (and preventing slip-and-fall accidents) with their Grip-Step top abrasive coating. They even have a diamond porthole system that facilitates the drainage of accumulated liquids. Available in solid black, or in black with a highly-visible yellow border.

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