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rack-a-tiers-3Talking about cable storage in yesterday’s post got me thinking about another wire spooling product that I’m crazy about: the Rack-A-Tiers® Wire Dispenser. It’s nothing fancy, but this spooling system really gets the job done – and at a very reasonable price.

Consisting of two end pieces that are only 17″ x 17″ x 9″, the Rack-A-Tier® system is equipped with 5 different cable bar holes, so you can create a spool rack in just about any configuration you need. As you can see in the picture, the Rack-A-Tier® can handle many different types of spools, so it’s as well-suited to your home workbench or garage as it is to large jobsites. And while cable and wire are the most obvious things to store on it, you can use the Rack-A-Tier® for pretty much anything that you can roll up on a spool, including rope, chain, twine, braided sleeving, bungee cord, Christmas lights – you name it.

In addition to holding spoolable things, the Rack-A-Tier® wire dispenser is also a huge help on the job, especially if the task at hand is wire pulling. Because it allows you turn spools and dispense wire with barely any effort, it’s like having an extra pair of hands around. And if you need even more storage capacity, no problem – the Rack-A-Tier is stackable, so you can double your storage without taking up twice the floorspace.

Rack-A-Tier wire dispensers are waterproof, rustproof, and even buoyant, and are simple to disassemble and stow away in between jobs. And it can also be used as a pipe vise (when used in conjunction with the Rack-A-Tiers pipe wrench adapter), and not to mention a temporary work bench. Why don’t you have one of these?

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