EZWIND™ Cord Organizer

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ez_windEver had a storage closet or a corner of your garage that was pretty much carpeted in twisted-up, unused extension cords? Ever thought that there was a better way you could be using that space? Well, you were right, and I know how to make that possible. It won’t cost you a lot or take up much time – all you need is an EZWIND™ Cord Organizer.

Forget bending your arm and trying to wind extension cords up using your hand and elbow as a spool. That might work for a while, but sooner or later the cords come unlooped, and end up as the tangled piles you’re trying to avoid anyway. With the EZWIND™, it’s not only easier to spool cords, it’s also far more convenient to store them. The EZWIND™ acts as a spool frame for up to 150 feet of cable, whether that’s made up of a single cable or multiples. It’s design features a unique center post, which causes you to coil your cables in such a way that the typical twisting and kinking are completely avoided. And when you’re done winding, you can secure your cable in place by simply sliding its plug into one of the EZWIND’s™ 4 slots.

EZWIND™ isn’t limited to use with extension cords – it’s also a terrific way to store your twinkle lights between holiday seasons (no more untangling Clark Griswold-style balls of Christmas lights). It even works with plain old rope or bungee cord.

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