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fastlane-dropover-protectorsWhen are people going to start watching where they step? Thanks to human nature, probably never; and nowhere is this more true than in busy, distracting environments like shopping malls and trade shows. Don’t let your power and data cables suffer just because others can’t avoid trampling them – keep your connections strong and cables intact by covering them up with FastLane Drop Over Cable Protectors.

FastLanes are like a happy medium between the flexible cord covers you’d use at home or in a small office, and the type of heavy duty polyurethane cable protectors that are often found in industrial settings and at jobsites. They offer the ruggedness you need to protect cables against brisk foot traffic, but they don’t entail the investment of heavy duty cable protectors, which you really only need to shell out for in situations involving vehicular traffic.

Like heavy-duty cord covers, FastLane™ cable protectors are molded from tough polyurethane, but they have a lightweight, scaled-down design that works by simply being set down over cables. The come in joinable 3-foot sections, so you can use one to span a narrow walkway, or connect multiples to cover just about any length of cable you need to. And when connected, they stay together really well, thanks to the heavy duty L-shape connectors that lock them end-to-end.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, people usually don’t watch where they’re going, and just as this can cause them to trample over objects on the ground (like cables), it can also lead to trip and fall accidents. In addition to protecting cords that you have running across your floor, the FastLane™ can also prevent pedestrians from tripping and hurting themselves – it’s equipped with molded-in safety warnings, as well as a high-traction surface tread that helps improve footing.

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