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chordsaver_foot-traffic_sm1It’s another Friday and I feel like ending the week on a high note, so I’m going to give all of you hardwood and laminate floor fans out there some good news. If you have floor cords to hide but don’t want to detract from your gorgeous wood-grain flooring with a plain plastic cord cover, then do I have the product for you. Meet the ChordSaver™ floor cord cover.

It may be made of heavy-duty PVC, but let me tell you, it looks just like wood. It’s available in Light Oak, Dark Oak, and Cherry wood grains to match most hardwood or laminate floors, but if none of those finishes work for you, you also have the option of a custom-stainable finish. ChordSavers™ also come in solid black, yellow, white, gray, and orange colors, which work great on tile or painted cement floors.

As you may have guessed from the spelling of its name, the ChordSaver was originally developed for use by musicians, both onstage and in the studio. One of the nice things about it is that it comes in lightweight, relatively slim 3-foot sections, so it’s great for bands and working musicians who need to constantly set up, break down, and transport equipment from one venue to the next. With ChordSavers™, you no longer need to have a roadie dedicated strictly to cord covers.

Okay, I’ve been focusing mainly on the unique looks of the ChordSaver™, but being that it’s first and foremost a utilitarian product, let’s focus on its functional aspects for a moment. Like I mentioned, ChordSavers™ are made of rugged PVC, which makes a nice, hard covering that protects cables from the foot traffic trampling over them. And pedestrians are protected as well, thanks to the high traction non-skid backing that keeps the cord covers from sliding around underfoot.

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