Cord-It™ Cord Manager

cordit-colors-smFor any of you out there who want to get rid of extra cord length with minimum effort, let me introduce you to the Cord-It™ Cord Manager. This compact cord winder requires so little exertion that it can actually organize your cables with no more than a turn of the wrist.

The key to the Cord-It’s simplicity is its unique design. It’s basically a hard plastic case with a slotted, rotating top. To put it in action, just insert any cord up to 5mm in diameter into the slot, turn the top, and watch as the cord is magically shortened to the exact length you need. Okay, so maybe you can’t attribute the cable management so much to “magic” as you can the hidden inner spool. The turning action draws cords inside the case and neatly winds them around the spool at the same time, in one simple motion.

Aside from being easy to use, the Cord-It™ has the added benefit of keeping all of that excess wire clean and free of dust. At only 3″ and 4″ in diameter, both medium and large Cord-Its are perfectly compact, which makes them as great for travel as they are around your home or office. Choose form black, beige, clear or white.

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