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kableflags-animationAdmit it: you dread having to troubleshoot or make any changes to your computer setup or home theater equipment because it’s just too darn frustrating to weed through all those cords and find out which one goes with which component. And how many times have you accidentally disconnected the wrong one? It’s okay, it happens to the best of us, but to be quite honest, it sounds like you need some sort of cable label…

Label printers are terrific for labeling cables, but if you can’t justify owning one simply to label the cords of a few electronic devices, then I know of something I think you’ll be interested in: Kableflags® cable identification tags. Kableflags are flexible flag-style cable markers that are available pre-printed in entertainment, computer, or home theater packs, or in a blank style that lets you create your own labels with a permanent marker.

Kableflags® have a self wrapping, self-locking design that completely eliminates the need for adhesives, so your cables won’t get sticky like they might from stick-on labels. The soft PVC material withstands many reuses, and will never corrode. Another great feature of Kableflags is that they’re completely adjustable, so they’ll fit just about any cable, from thin wires to bulkier power cords.

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