Flame Retardant PET Wrap

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flexo-wrap-fr_smWhen you need to protect wiring and hoses from high temps and potential fire, leave the job to overlays like this Flame Retardant PET Wrap. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a material that’s pretty commonly used in braided sleeving, and with good reason: it’s strong, and has excellent resistance to cuts and abrasion. But in this case, it’s taken a step further with the addition of an organic flame inhibitor, which helps to ward off fire even when temperatures soar and nearby components ignite.

Unlike many other braided sleevings that are tubular and must be worked gradually over cables and components, this sleeving is wrap-style, which means that it’s slit along its length for super fast and easy installation. This is a really great feature when the wiring or hoses you need to protect are already in place and can’t be removed or disassembled for sleeving installation – just pull open the sleeving and slip it around from the side. Once it’s on, Flame Retardant PET wrap stays securely in place thanks to the hook-and-loop (“Velcro”) edging along the slit – just overlap the sides, press, and everything will stay in place.

Flame retardant PET sleeving is terrific for use in hot engine bays, as well on theater and nightclub lighting wires, which, due to their close proximity to high temperatures, are often put at risk for fire. Should they ever ignite, the flame retardant wrap can help inhibit the spread of flame to other nearby components.

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