Snake Tray® 501 Series for Walls

501-snake-tray-sToday I’m going to talk about Snake Tray’s 501 Series, a very popular line of cable trays that have been specifically designed for use on walls. If you’re thinking that all cable trays are pretty much the same, think again. With minimal tool and hardware requirements, these zinc-plated cold rolled steel trays are quick and simple to install, and can be custom-bent in seconds with your bare hands. While it’s pretty common to see industrial cable trays suspended from the ceiling via brackets and threaded rods, 501 Series Snake Trays are equipped with built-in mounting rings (or “Snake Eyes”), which eliminate the need for hanging brackets.

Because it’s so easy to customize the shape and configuaration of 501 Series Snake Trays, they’re great for use in tight spaces where you may not have the room to accommodate suspended trays. These Snake Trays provide excellent support for telecommunications cables, whether they’re standard copper or fiber optic. As a matter of fact, the 501 Series does the job so well that it’s often specified for university, Fortune 500, and US Government installations.

In addition to the convenience and space efficiency of Snake Trays, you’ll also find that they save a significant amount of money. Because of their minimal hardware and the fact that tray segments take only 15 seconds to connect (versus up to 10 minutes with competitors’ trays), 501 Series Snake Trays can reduce installation costs by up to 85%! Snake trays also nest together for shipping, which can noticeably lower your freight expenses.

The Snake Tray 501 Series is compliant with EIA/TIA, NEC and NFPA standards, and often ships from inventory within just one day.

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