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autoloader-screwdriver-animation-live-sAs a budding Home DIY’er, I can appreciate the feeling of ultimate preparation that comes with having all of the tools required to tackle a job, and likewise, the frustration of being without the one tool I really need. That’s why I was instantly won over the very first time I got to test out the Autoloader®, an all-in-one multi-bit screwdriver.

This first-time encounter came right on the heels of the Summer-long gutting and remodeling of my parents’ home, a feat that was accomplished by by a team made up of a motley bunch of rookies (my family), and a handful of seasoned contractors (our friends). The space that was to eventually serve as the dining room became Supply Central, with hand tools, power tools, ladders, tarps, painting implements and Who Knows What Else all left out, available for use by anyone who needed them. On days when all or most of us were on duty, the communal toolbox situation grew to be a more than a little frustrating, on account of the fact that, without fail, someone else was always either currently using the tool I went in search of, or had abandoned it shortly before in some unrecallable location.

What I would have given to have had an indispensable gadget like the Autoloader at my side for the renovation! I was constantly coming face-to-face with stubborn screws that had to be overcome, and I would have saved hours of searching if I’d had a screwdriver like this – one with all the bits you could need standing by.

The Autoloader comes complete with the 6 most-used bit styles hidden away in its handle. When you figure out which type of bit is called for, you just pull back the handle, select the bit you need, push the handle in again, and watch as the screwdriver’s pump-action mechanism pops the bit into place. It’s super fast, and a lot of fun to use. Believe me, you’ll find yourself changing bits even when there’s no reason to!

Aside from it’s versatility, a major benefit of the Autoloader is its quality. It’s an extremely sturdy and well-made tool, and there’s no need to worry about the changeable bits slipping around when they’re in use – thanks to the fact that they’re magnetic, they stay locked in place until you’re ready to switch them out.

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