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I’m a big fan of using split wire loom to organize cables – it’s flexible, super versatile, allows you to add in and break out cables anywhere along the way, and best of all, it’s extremely cost effective. It’s also very easy to install – you just work cables into its lengthwise slit, and before you know it, they’re organized and hidden from sight. There’s just one drawback – if you’re installing more than a few feet of it, your fingers can really tire out, and sometimes even feel a little raw. I know, I’ve been there.

The first time I used wire loom to manage some workstation cables, I started the project out with my bare hands. But after I began feeling the resulting symtoms (the same ones I mentioned above), I simplified things by using a wire loom tool instead.

The first time I laid eyes on a wire loom tool, I found myself thinking “how the heck is this thing going to help?” All that met the eye was a weird molded piece of plastic with a hinge running down the center – when it was in its unused state, it’s shape reminded me a lot of fighter jet wings. Like I said, weird, right?
It’s actually brilliant. As it turns out, when you fold that oddly-shaped piece of plastic around a bundle of cables, it completely encloses them in a channel, the leading edge of which forms a fin-shaped point that fits right into a wire loom slit. Once inserted into the loom, you just zip the tool down the length of the wire loom, pulling the cables along behind it.

The whole operation only takes seconds, and you’ll find that your fingers aren’t any worse for the wear. And do you want to know the best part? It’s free with any wire loom purchase from CableOrganizer. com.





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