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cool-colors-extension-cordNever mind how useful they are – extension cords just aren’t that exciting. Or are they? While I’ve always appreciated that power extensions take electricity to places it wouldn’t normally reach, they’d never struck me as having an element of, well… fun. That’s until the fateful day when I laid eyes on these little beauties: Cool Colors Outdoor Extension Cords by Coleman Cable.

As I remember, I was sitting in on one of our many New Products meetings, and was far from being the only one who was impressed by these power extensions. We were all hooked. How could we not be? This is the most fascinating extension cord I’ve ever seen. First of all, it comes in 6 different shades of neon: pink, blue, purple, green, orange and red (I, personally, find that the purple model, pictured above, floats my boat). And to top it all off, the cord’s clear plastic female connector lights up when power is running through it, a feature that not only further enhances its looks, but also helps to keep you safer and more aware of electrical current when you’re using it.

Lest I make this product sound like some kind of superficial electrical fashion accessory, let me just say that after I got over the initial “Oooh, funky colors!!!” reaction, I was also incredibly impressed by the sheer ruggedness of this extension cord. This is one tough piece of goods, a fact that becomes obvious as soon as you pick the extension cord up. The insulation, while flexible, is extremely heavy duty, and you immediately get the idea that it won’t be cracking or warping anytime soon. And being that its jacket is also water and UV-resistant, this power extension is rated for outdoor use. As a matter of fact, it’s great for use during yard work, when you want an easy-to-see extension cord that you won’t accidentally slice with a weed whacker or electric hedge trimmer.

Available in 25, 50 and 100-foot lengths, Coleman Cable Cool Colors extension cords are rated to 15 Amps, and are made with 12-gauge, three-conductor wires, as well as reinforced plug blades and pins.

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