The SOHO Compact Server Rack

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kendall-howard-soho-racksToday we’ll be breaking new ground and taking a look at server racks… compact ones, that is. One of the best lines of small-scale server racks I know of is the SOHO series by Kendall Howard. If you have a small business with scaled-down network equipment that you’d like to mount inside an enclosure, then these are the racks for you.

Generally speaking, Kendall Howard’s products have great designs that are not only utilitarian, but aesthetically pleasing as well. And these little racks are no exception. Front and rear mesh doors don’t only give the cabinet a sleek look, but also provide tons of ventilation to keep your server equipment cool and running smoothly. To increase the cooling factor, Kendall Howard also pre-installs one of their Ultra Quiet Fans in each SOHO enclosure, which makes set up much easier on your end – just plug it in.

Considering that these server enclosures are only 8U (14 inches) and 12U (21 inches) tall (not including casters), they have a very impressive weight capacity: 400 lbs! Believe me, that’s far more than you’ll actually need. And speaking of the casters I just mentioned, I shouldn’t forget to tell you that this rack is mobile, which makes it perfect if you frequently move things around in your office, or ever need to transport equipment to and around a trade show facility.

To keep things secure, the rack’s doors are lockable, but they can be easily removed when you need fast access to the network components within. And compatibility isn’t an issue: just about any 19-inch rack accessory can be mounted inside a SOHO cabinet.

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