EZ RJ45 Connectors

February 27, 2009 by
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ez-rj45-plug-connectorHow would you like to make your job easier without sacrificing the quality of the final results? If you’re an IT tech who does a lot of cable terminations with RJ45 or RJ11/12 connectors, our EZ connectors will help you do just that. I learned to terminate Cat5e cable with these, and let me tell you, they’re incredibly easy to use. Unlike standard RJ45 connectors that require you to feed each wire into it’s own separate channel (which can be very tricky and time consuming), the EZ connectors have just a single slot into which you push all of the wires (which have been previously arranged into the proper lineup for a T568A or T568B wiring scheme).

Aside from how easy they make it to actually feed the wires in, EZ RJ45 connectors also greatly increase your chances of having accurate terminations, thanks to the fact that when the wires emerge through the front of the connector,you can double-check the order they’re in prior to crimping.

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