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February 23, 2009 by
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3m-command-plastic-hookEver been limited in your decorating because you couldn’t put holes in your walls? I’ve known that frustration more than a few times, and that’s why I’m now such a die-hard fan of 3M’s line of Command™ clips and hooks. Command™ is 3M‘s proprietary silicone adhesive, which has become famous for locking onto walls and other smooth surfaces, then removing with no trace of damage or residue. The hooks are perfect for hanging up everyday household items like keys and potholders, and the smaller clips are great for routing wires and cables. But don’t stop there — use your imagination.

I, personally, have found that the Decorating Clips – typically suggested for use with Christmas lights — are also fantastic for decorating with ribbon and flower garlands. Not too long ago, I was trying to decorate a church for a wedding, but hit a few snags in my plan when I had to find a way to hang flowers and bows without putting tacks or nails into the churches’ wall or kneeling bench (hadn’t thought about that). So I improvised with the clips, and they worked perfectly. I was able to stick them onto any surface I needed to, and then wire the flowers and ribbon to them. Everything came out looking great, and when it was time to break down, the clips came off without a hitch, leaving smooth, undamaged surfaces in their wake.

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