Bench Mount Hot Knife

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bench-mount-hot-knifeEver heard the expression “like a hot knife through butter?” We keep a bench mount hot knife out in our warehouse for cutting by-the-foot products, and every time I see it in action, that saying is all I can think of. With a blade that heats up to 1200 degrees (Fahrenheit), this zips through rope and braided sleeving in no time.

The high heat not only makes for super-fast cutting (this hot knife can slice through a 1-inch-thick nylon rope in less than 10 seconds), but also seals cut ends to prevent fraying. This really comes in handy for anyone who regularly works with braided sleevings or synthetic lines that would fray if their ends weren’t melted together. We hear from customers who use our hot knife for everything from marine rigging and rock-climbing lines to equestrian rope halters and automotive customization.

But let’s not ignore the first two words in this product’s name: bench mount. The fact that this hot knife can be affixed to a table or workbench not only increases the convenience factor, but makes it much, much safer. When you’re working with a 1200-degree blade, you need all the stability you can get. Since the knife bolts down onto a surface, you don’t need to worry about it being knocked over or pushed off your work surface.

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