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February 16, 2009 by
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So, what does it look like underneath your desk? For longer than I care to admit, the floorspace below my desk was completely covered with knotted-up computer, peripheral, and telephone cords. In addition to those cables making my workspace look terrible, they also kept my feet in a constant state of near strangulation. Call me crazy, but you should never lose a shoe to your computer cords when trying to get up from your desk.

It didn’t take me long to catch my limit of the under-desk cable jungle, and I decided to take control with wire loom. Wire loom is a flexible tube-like product, which is usually slit along it’s length to make cable insertion quick and easy. The whole idea is to neatly gather cables together and cover them with wire loom, so that instead of a tangled mass you just have a sleek bundle.  Check out the difference between our before and after photos:



Wire loom isn’t only for computer-related cables — it’s also a great product for snazzing up custom car engine bays while  protecting wiring and hoses from engine fluids and abrasion.

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