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fsr-floor-boxIt’s Friday morning, and that can only mean one thing: product training time. I just had the opportunity to sit in on a session with a representative of FSR, a New jersey-based company that manufactures a pretty impressive array of electrical and data connection boxes, which install flush into everything from walls and floors to conference table tops. FSR floor boxes are really strongly built, and can be custom-configured according to your needs.

Aside from power and data connections, one of the best features of FSR’s floor boxes is their convenience. Having sung on both church and school stages, I can personally attest to how much easier a performance can be when you’re able to  just plug microphone and other equipment directly into outlets recessed into a stage floor. And these aren’t only helpful for musicians – courtrooms, conference rooms, and any other settings in which presentations are regularly made can definitely benefit.

One other thing that I really like about FSR floor boxes (the FL-600P, to be specific) is the fact theirtop surfaces can be covered in carpet or hard flooring material to blend almost seamlessly into your floor, creating a very professional-looking appearance.

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  1. Charles Kasper on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 5:04 am
  2. My company is interested in the fsr floor boxes. I need to have (3) duplex receptacles and (9) data modules contained in one box. Which boxes and covers would be used in concrete.

  3. admin on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 11:11 am
  4. Hi Charles,

    I looked into the FSR floor boxes, and the two types that we carry (FL-500P and FL-600P) can both be used in poured concrete floors. They can be used alone if they’ll be resting on a solid base, but if you’ll be laying them on gravel or sand prior to pouring the concrete, you’ll just need the pour pan accessory, which holds things steady during pouring if the box is resting on shiftable material. I spoke with one of our customer service reps who has quite a bit of experience with FSR, and judging from the info and photos we found, any FL-500P that is 4, 6, or 8 inches deep should be able to comfortably fit your 3 duplex power outlets and 9 data modules. An FL-500P has 7 gangs total, and only 3 of them would be taken up by power outlets – that would leave you with 4 full gangs for the data, and since data modules are really compact, there should be no problem fitting them in. You can take a look at the FL-500P on this page:

    Good luck with the job, and if I can get you any more information, please feel free to ask!

  5. admin on Thu, 11th Jun 2009 11:19 am
  6. Just realized that I forgot to answer one question – the lid. Every FL-500P floor box comes with a temporary construction lid, and beyond that, you separately purchase the permanent lid that best fits the job. Any of the lids can be used with a concrete installation – it just depends on the finished look you’re going for. You can either go with a basic flat lid if you’re not going to camouflaging the top with carpet or tile – there are a few colors available, and when closed, they lie flush with the floor. But if you’re going to go the full 9 yards and cover the box lids with carpet or tile to match the rest of the floor, you’ll want to go with the beveled version. Both of these lids are available right on the FL-500P product page I mentioned earlier:

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