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safcord_turn-sm1I’ve since moved into a workspace with wood laminate flooring, but the floor in my first office was covered in carpet — as well as a cable that stretched all the way from my coworker’s phone to the jack across the room. I’ll tell you, it’s pretty tough to glide gracefully across one’s office when a killer phone cord is laying in wait to ambush one’s unsuspecting feet. Okay, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic… but we did get snagged on a regular basis.

My office-mates and I tried to make things a little safer with a plastic dropover cord cover, but no luck — while you can usually apply a little double-sided tape to keep dropovers in place on smooth floors, that trick doesn’t work on carpet, and the thing just kept sliding around.

One day not long after, I was planning a project that resulted in the SafCord cord cover coming across my desk. It never had the chance to stray far from my desk after that, because I wasted no time in slapping it down over that phone cable running across the floor. “What is it about the SafCord,” I’m sure you’re asking, “that let it do the job no other cord cover could?”

First of all , it’s made specifically for loop-style carpets, the family of floor coverings to which the commercial-grade carpet on my office floor belonged (I should mention here that it also works on Berber and looped rugs).  When you put it down, it doesn’t budge — not even if you vacuum over it. Yet you can pull the SafCord up at any time, without any sign that it had ever been there. Would you believe me if I told you that there is no adhesive involved? The magic that locks it into place on carpet is actually just the “hook” side of hook-and-loop, which grabs onto looped carpet fibers.

Other cool features include the fact that SafCord has a completely flat profile (because it’s made of Cordura Nylon fabric), can be cut to length with scissors, is machine washable, and can be reused countless times. Oh yeah, and it also hides cords and prevents you from tripping…

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  1. max on Wed, 12th Jun 2013 3:46 am
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me whether this product works on Persian carpets?


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