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What's special about these power and data centers?

  • Brings 2 power and data ports to any desktop for fast and convenient access to network and electrical connections
  • Popup design keeps outlets hidden while not in use, maintaining a streamlined look for your home, office, or classroom
  • Available with great looking black or aluminum tops that complement wood, metallic, or black desktop finishes
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These very convenient desk outlets provide a practical solution for desktop power and data connection. Instead of crawling around under your desk or having unsightly power strips on top of it, simply press down on this outlet to reveal 2 power ports, 2 Cat 5e ports, or 1 of each.


DMC-PCS39-DE 1 1 Cat 5e Patch Cable
Extension Cord
Black and Satin Aluminum
DMC-PCS39-DE-HW 1 1 Cat 5e Patch Cable
Black and Satin Aluminum
DMC-PCS39-EE 2 0 Extension Cord Black and Satin Aluminum
DMC-PCS39-EE-HW 2 0 Hardwired Black and Satin Aluminum
DMC-PCS39-DD 0 2 Cat 5e Patch Cable
Extension Cord
Black and Satin Aluminum
  • Mounts into a 3" circular hole for easy installation with a hole cutter
  • Available with Cat 5e patch cords and standard extension cords for easy cable replacement, or in a hardwired style for a more secure connection
  • For the most secure connection when using the data units with replaceable patch cables, try LockPORT® security cables
  • Ideal for home, commercial, and educational applications


Recommended Table Thickness Min: 1/8"
Max: 1-1/2"
Dimensions Below Table : 5-1/4"
Above Table (when open) : 3"
Top Area : 3-5/8 in²
Cut-out Required 3" (circular)
Power 125V/15A
Data Category Category 5e
Cord Length 6 ft (both electrical and data)
Weight 1.25 lbs

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Q:Is this product okay to use in a kitchen?

I live in Colorado, none of the electricians I spoke to were familiar with your product and could not answer my question.

Asked by Anonymous user on


  • - Thank you for your question. It is safe to use in a kitchen, however, I would avoid exposing it to too much water.

    Fernando M. on

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