Crimp Tools

Platinum Tools F Connector Compression Crimp Tool

F Connector Compression Crimp Tool
Crafted from high quality tool steel and chrome plate ensures this professional quality compression crimp tool will withstand the grueling rigors of day after day use in the field. With its ergonomic none-slip vinyl grip handle, your hands will also benefit from not feeling strained or fatigued from constant use.

Platinum Tools SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool

SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool
The SealSmart Compression Crimp Tool from Platinum Tools offers an uncomplicated, efficient and reliable way to terminate coaxial cables used in today's CATV, DSS, Security and Residential Structured installations.


EZ-RJPRO™ Heavy Duty Crimp Tool
The EZ-RJPRO™ HD Crimp Tool is designed with professionals in mind, providing a ratcheted, high leverage, ultra stable platform for consistent, repeatable terminations.

platinum tools EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool

EZ Crimp Tool
These EZ-RJ45 high-quality crimp tool are designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires of the EZ-RJ45® or the EZ-RJ12/11® EZ-RJ45® CAT6+ Connectors in one easy simple operation. These phenomenal crimp tools will also work on most other RJ-11, RJ-12, and RJ-45 connectors (with the exception of AMP).

Cable Cutter

CCS-6 Cable Cutter
Powerful cutting action tested on more than 10000 cuts with no degradation to the blade. Every cut leaves your cable round so that you do not experience any crimping problems.

SealSmart II Compression Tool

SealSmart II™ Compression Tool
Ideal for CATV, surveillance, structured cable and home theater installations, this ergonomic coax compression tool saves time by terminating multiple connector types and wire gauges without the need for changing heads.

12507C Tele-Titan crimper

Tele-Titan Modular Plug Crimp Tool
Ideal for terminating solid or stranded cable to an RJ-style connector, this modular crimper has parallel action for uniform crimps, and includes an integrated wire cutter/stripper to eliminate the expense and inconvenience of multiple tools.

Sealsmart PROCON Coax Compression, 16213C

Sealsmart™ PROCON Coaxial Compression Tool
Compatible with all commonly-used coaxial cables and connectors, this all-in-one compression tool features rotating head and connector positioners for a variety of different jobs, and has an etched guide rule for accurate connector positioning.


Cable Stripper

Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper
Platinum Tools Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper was designed to take the guesswork out of stripping Cat 5 or Cat5e cables. This cable stripper allows the installer to work quickly, efficiently, and with little effort to reduce the amount of time spent at jobsites.

Platinum Tools E Series Coaxial Cable Strippers

E Series Coaxial Cable Strippers
Platinum Tools E Series line of Coaxial Cable Strippers makes a great addition to any technician’s arsenal.

Platinum Tools Cyclops 2 Twisted Pair Cable Jacket Stripper

Cyclops 2 Twisted Pair Cable Jacket Stripper
Platinum Tools Cyclops 2 Cable Jacket Stripper is a compact sized tool used in multiple industries for removing the jacket from twisted pair UTP/STP cables and multi-core shielded/unshielded cables up to 0.43".

Coax Stripper

Double Ended Coax Stripper
Designed for use with RG6, RG59 and RG11 coaxial cable, this compact double-ended stripper features blades that automatically adjust to cable jacket thickness and can be pushed in for easier cable insertion.

Big Red Multi Stripper

Big Red Multi-Stripper
Ideal for use with coax, UTP/STP and A/V cables, this multi-stripper cuts and strips both solid and stranded-style wires, and features a built-in comb that smoothes braid back against the cable jacket for reliable coaxial cable terminations.

Cutting Tools

Twist and Lock Punchdown Blades

Twist and Lock Punchdown Blades
These punchdown blades are some of the most commonly used punchdown blades around. Each one is the industry standard “twist and lock”, or “turn and lock”, punchdown blade for use with all standard punchdown tools.

110 EZ Data Blade

110 EZ Data Blade
The cutting knives are made of medical grade stainless steel and can be easily replaced with a standard Phillips screwdriver. These replaceable knives provide much better wire cutting than traditional chisel style blades.

Platinum Tools 110 Non-Impact Tool

110 Non-Impact Tool with 110 EZ-Data Cut Blade
Platinum Tools 110 Non-Impact Punchdown Tool is one of the best and economical tool of it class on today's market.

Electrician's Scissors

Professional Grade Electrician's Scissors
Platinum Tools Professional Grade Electrician’s Scissors, versatile and multi-purpose design, makes it a great addition to any telecom/datacom technician’s or electrician’s tool collection.


13 Piece Tool Set

Micro Mini II 13 Piece Screwdriver Set
Platinum Tools 13 Pc. Micro Mini II precision screw driver set is small enough to be used for eyeglass repair and delicate enough to handle today's sensitive electronics.

Platinum Tools Xtender Pole

Xtender Pole™ Multi-Purpose Installation Tool
Perfect for installing hardware onto ceilings and other elevated structures, these extender poles can be attached directly to power drills and drivers so that you can fasten screws from the ground, without the need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts.

19105, screwdriver set, platinum tools security screwdrivers

22-in-1 Security Screwdriver Kit
Work with nearly any security screw equipped component with this complete kit.



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